#2 | A life she loved

I completed the first draft earlier this year (2019) and due to just wanting to get it done, didn’t really blog about the process, which was my original intention.

I’ll try to be better about it now, but basically, it started out with the story. I knew what I wanted to be in each chapter, but it was an iterative process on storyboarding, refining content, and brainstorming how to talk about something without explicitly talking about it.

As the story was refined, I play-tested rough drafts with a few people and refined choices based on that. I also added background images to each scene.

I launched the v1 of A life she loved, but there’s still so much more in store! I’m thinking inline illustrations, sound, and other ways to make the narrative more immersive.

As always, give it a try (Gameplay: 4 chapters, 30-45 minutes total) and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you!