Inspiration for life

Get inspired to define a vision for your life and actually live it.

Life [experience] design is a collection of lighthearted experiences and resources based on the design process to bring awareness to your present moments, get clarity on your whats and whys, and ultimately help you live the fullest expression of your life.

You’re the hero of your story, but even heroes need motivation from time to time. Consider this yours.


The Process



Discover the gaps between your current situation and your ideal life. What are the themes from your past that you want to carry to the future? What does it take to get where you want to go? What’s your version of getting there?


Once you’ve defined your past and present on your terms, discover the gaps between your current situation and your ideal life. What’s working and what isn’t? Get clarity on your requirements for your next step.



Turn those dreams into plans. You’ll discover that there are many paths you could take, but which one to choose? Map out what your first few steps look like and when you plan to get there. What can you commit to, and in what order? What’s the flow of your journey?



Now it’s time to take the first step of your designed plan. Then another step. It may feel intimidating, exciting, or both. Check in with yourself and see if you want to keep going or pivot.

Life is a journey, and the unexpected will happen. You may need to redefine, rediscover or redesign. The beauty is that you’ll always move toward what feels right.



The collection is growing! Each is inspired by life and hand-crafted with love.


Intentional design for the career you want

[Skillshare course]

This class is for anyone interested in applying design thinking to get clarity on the next step in their career. No design skills needed, just pen and paper!


A life she loved

[game/visual narrative]

Life [x] design: A life she loved is a visual narrative that puts you in the driver’s seat to guide the hero’s choices as she begins bringing creativity into her own life.

Gameplay: 4 chapters, 30-45 minutes total, 358KB


Life Experience Design


Currently redesigning this. Will be available again in Fall 2019


Why is this based on a design process?

As a user experience designer, I’ve found the design process invaluable to understand context, drive clarity towards and execute on a vision. It helps me frame decisions so given multiple solutions I can land on the one that feels best and works with any constraints the project is facing.

Having lived my own life on autopilot up until I was 25 and just beginning to pivot to a design career, I slowly started to become more aware of how my daily decisions influenced the story of my life. A lot of personal development books and exercises later, I realized I could tap into a framework I already use and apply it to something called life.

That’s what I want to share with you.



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Have ideas about what it means to design your life’s journey? Want to help build out a life she loved or have ideas for other games, stories or immersive experiences? Have questions or advice?

Reach out and let me know what you think!

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