Inspiration for life

She knew there was more to this life, so

she designed a life she loved.

Coming in 2018




An interactive experience that inspires women to lead authentic, confident and vibrant lives.





This is a story about YOU. Beautiful, wonderful, exciting, passionate, falling-for-life-every-day-and-appreciating-it you. A visual road to self-reflection and discovery, see the path you've taken and realize how this present moment will continue the trajectory you're already on. How do you pivot? How do you move faster? How do you simply keep on keeping on while continuing to discover, learn and grow?


In this story-adventure, you are the hero and the story within you is simply waiting to be discovered. Live the life you love. Understand it, design for it, pursue it with all your heart. Throw out the clutter, the noise, the junk that fills your life and build something that is 100% purely, authentically you.



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